Anonymous wondered: one of my fav bolly blogs on tumblr !

Thank you! :)


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Anonymous wondered: Just to let you know, the video for Apsara Aali is now in HD; I think I recall your interest in finding one.

Ooh, thanks for letting me know. Gifset is on its way. :)

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Anonymous wondered: Please can you gif Aishwarya in Kyun Ho Gaya Na?... (whenever you're able to!) Thank you!

I don’t know if I can bare to look at her hair in that movie for prolonged periods of time. But if I muster up the strength I might give it a go.

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Anonymous wondered: After watching so many hindi films, have you picked up much of the language?

A very small amount. But I’d really like to learn more - I might do a course or something when I have time. :)

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Maine Galti Kari Thi, Meri Nathni Padi Thi.

Infinite List of Bollywood Songs Choli Ke Peeche | (Khalnayak)

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Infinite List of Bollywood Songs Khili Re | (Raavan)

Anonymous wondered: your thoughts on Aishwarya's comeback film Jazbaa?

I’m excited to see her acting opposite Irrfan Khan. At the same time, I’m slightly apprehensive because I haven’t seen any of Sanjay Gupta’s films and his brand of cinema really doesn’t strike my fancy. But hey, I’ll take what I can get at this point.

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Anonymous wondered: What is the upcoming Hindi release that you are most looking forward to?

Well there’s a few: Haider, Finding Fanny, Khoobsurat, PK, Super Nani and Mary Kom. I also still need to watch Mardaani. 

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