Anonymous wondered: Which Bollywood films have made you cry?

Devdas and Black.

Anonymous wondered: I think you are the only one to make Topaz look amazing! Not over done but perfect :)

Thank you. :)


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Anonymous wondered: You are just really cute

And you are cuter!


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Anonymous wondered: hi, you have perfect blog! i just watched kahaani and i was wondering what are some other good hindi thriller/mysteries? thanks!

Thanks! If you liked Kahaani try these: Ishqiya, Talaash, Raavan, No One Killed Jessica, Karthik Calling Karthik.

Infinite List of Bollywood Songs Badi Mushkil | (Lajja)

Anonymous wondered: Thoughts on Ishaqzade ?

As much as I think Romeo & Juliet adaptations are a bit overdone, I liked it. Even though it was super traumatising, and Arjun’s character was a douche.

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